Chocolate Mints

Chocolate Mints

Mint is a surprisingly versatile herb that has the ability to grow in just about any region of the world. The leaves, fruit and roots of this plant can all be used for medicinal purposes and its unique flavor can be infused into many culinary dishes. Mint also has the great advantage of being pretty hardy which makes it an excellent addition to any garden.

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Where to Plant Mint

Many people ask the question whether or not they can grow mint in their garden. The short answer to this question is that you definitely can; although it is advisable to check with the specific climate zone you live in. Some mint varieties will actually die during the winter months if they are planted in colder zones; although there are varieties that do well in these regions. Most expert gardeners recommend planting mint in a pot so the plant can be moved indoors if temperatures begin to drop.

It is important that you pick the right type of mint for your garden; as some varieties will work better than others. The best varieties to grow are peppermint, spearmint and apple mint. These varieties have a more potent sweetness that most people are used to and they also have a nice cooling effect when they’re put in hot drinks such as tea.

What is Chocolate Mints?

If you love to grow mint in your garden then you’ll probably want to try your hand at growing chocolate mints. These wonderful little plants pack a powerful punch and they smell absolutely divine. The leaves of these plants are dark green in color with a strong chocolate aroma. The chocolate mints are so strong that they actually have an effect on people’s moods and make them feel much happier. The leaves of these plants are heavily aromatic and they definitely have a powerful sweet aroma. The stems of these plants unfold at the top and they can reach 2 feet in length. If you’re planning to try growing chocolate mints then you’ll need to check out the instructions below:

  1.  Choose a location for your mint plant that receives good sunlight
  2. Plant your mint in a well drained soil and provide it with plenty of water
  3. Plant your mint plant at the same depth it was grown at when you bought it from the store
  4. Water your mint plant every couple of days until you’re ready to harvest
  5. Harvest your mint each month and cut the stems just before they turn brown; this will help them retain their aromatic flavor
  6. After you’ve harvested all of your mint leaves, you’ll need to trim the plant and remove the dead leaves
  7. Add a layer of mulch around your mint plant; this will help keep it moist and prevent the soil from drying out
  8. Plant new mint seeds every year or so to keep your plant strong and healthy
  9. Be careful not to over water your chocolate mints; as they don’t like soggy soil
  10. Enjoy your chocolate mints and try not to eat them all

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Gardening with Chocolate Mints

Many people are surprised to find out that chocolate mints are actually edible. Most people use these plants for their ornamental value and they don’t realize that there is a lot of usable material from them. You can actually use this herb in your garden if you’re looking for some nice looking plants; it actually has a strong aroma which can enhance the flavor of many different types of plants. When you’re using this plant you’ll want to look at the growing directions mentioned below:

  1. Take a deep breath and be sure to get the full chocolate mint experience
  2. Add some chocolate mint leaves to areas where you’d like more flavor
  3. Plant your chocolate mints in pots near the main attraction and enjoy the great smells
  4. Add some chocolate mint plants to your kitchen for decoration and great cooking flavors
  5. Use these plants as a bedding plant for your garden; it will provide both form and function
  6. Use chocolate mints to add some green to darker colored pots and containers
  7. Use chocolate mints in your garden for their ornamental value; they’ll look great as borders or as accents
  8. Add your chocolate mint plants to any room that is lacking a little bit of spunk; they are very easy to care for
  9. Place one of these in your home office for a nice sweet scent that can help clear your head
  10. Chocolate mints are a great option for the kitchen and they provide a nice chocolate aroma

How to Take Care of Chocolate Mints

You’ll want to know how to care for chocolate mints if you’re in the market for a new plant. This plant can be used in many different parts of your home and it can provide some great greenery for your household. It is a very versatile plant and it does well indoors; although it does prefer cooler temperatures. It will die if exposed to extreme heat or cold so make sure you take good care of this plant by reading the following tips:

How to Grow and Care For Chocolate Mint

  1. Make sure that your chocolate mint gets plenty of sunlight
  2. Maintain a consistent moisture level throughout the day; although it will be fine in pots
  3. Keep the soil in your chocolate mints evenly moist but not soggy
  4. You can plant these plants in containers so they don’t take up too much space; they’re also easy to move indoors
  5. Add some mulch around the base of your chocolate mint plant; this will help cut down on the amount of soil that’s lost to evaporation
  6. When you’re trimming your chocolate mint plant, don’t cut too close to the main stem; it will help preserve the flavor of the plant
  7. The leaves and stems of these plants are very aromatic so keep some scissors on hand
  8. If you have any questions about how to care for chocolate mints then feel free to ask our gardening experts
  9. Change the soil in your chocolate mints as needed; at least once a year, this will help prevent root rot and fungal infections
  10. Plant chocolate mints in containers for easy indoor care