How to Prune Rosemary

Here are the steps for  How to Prune Rosemary If you’re looking for a fragrant herb to plant in your garden this summer, then consider planting rosemary. It’s a beautiful, aromatic plant that grows well and requires minimal upkeep. With few pests or diseases to worry about and high tolerance for erratic weather conditions from mild to hot, it’s an excellent choice if you’re not sure what you want to grow.

However, as with many things related to gardening, there are some basic instructions that will keep your rosemary healthy and produce the best results possible, so it’s important to start with a healthy plant. When you purchase rosemary, look for a dark, spongy and compact root ball. Avoid any plants that look wilted or dried out. Before you plant it in the ground, make sure you clean up the roots and remove any dead branches from the plant itself. If there are any flowers on it, then you can cut them off as well.

When you plant rosemary in your garden and you don’t know How to Prune Rosemary, it’s important to note that it likes full sun as much as possible. So, if you have a shady spot in your yard or garden and plan on planting rosemary there, then you’ll likely see minimal results from your efforts.

Rosemary Pruning - How To Prune A Rosemary Bush

Rosemary requires a lot of water and the best way to do that is by planting the herb in a container so you can easily give it a deep soak about once a week.

How to Prune Rosemary?

A good rule of thumb is to prune your rosemary in the early spring before the plant starts to flower. You can also prune them in the fall after they’ve finished blooming and look a little ragged. The best time to do this is right before you plant them outside again.

That’s why it’s important to get your rosemary root ball cleaned out as described above. You want a compost-enriched potting soil, so you need to give it a good flush of water. Then, you need to prune the plant so that it’s about 6 inches from the bottom of the pot. You can take off entire branches but you do have to leave at least five or six of its main branches intact.

Then, make sure that you water it well and give it plenty of light. Leave your rosemary in a nice sunny spot with plenty of water until it starts to grow and look healthy again.

When should I prune my rosemary bush?

You should prune your rosemary bush twice during the year, with the first pruning taking place after you’ve finished blooming. You will want to cut out all of the yellowing or dead leaves and stems in late fall. To do this, use a pair of sharp clippers or shears and then spread your rosemary roots apart from one another to encourage new shoots to grow.

The second time you’ll need to trim your bushes is when you’re growing it for next season. You should do this in the early spring. Another reason to prune your rosemary bushes is to keep them healthy, so if you notice there are some branches that are damaged or look diseased or dead, then it’s best to remove them before they spread any disease.

Make sure that you only cut through the outer layer of bark, otherwise you will kill some of the buds on the inside and that could kill sections of your rosemary bush entirely.

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How To Take Care Of Rosemary

  1. How to Prune Rosemary. You should prune the rosemary when it is dormant and in winter, but you can do it any time of the year that you have time to do so.
  2. Planting your rosemary outside in cold climates. If you live in a cool or cold climate, or are planning on growing your rosemary indoors over winter, then you will want to plant it outside after all of the flowers have faded away and it can begin to go dormant again.
  3. Bringing in your rosemary when the summer is over. You will want to bring it inside for the winter and repot it into a container with a nice soil mixture that you can create.
  4. A vacation from pruning rosemary. If you are not able to prune your rosemary bush closely, then you will want to trim back the branches coming out of the top and bottom of the bush, because they will be too tall when they start to grow again in spring.
  5. Misting. You will want to give your rosemary a good misting in the spring to loosen its soil and bring it out of dormancy before you bring it back into summertime.
  6. 6.taking care of rosemary that has been brought inside during the winter. You will want to make sure that it stays watered and has plenty of oxygen if you have brought your rosemary inside for the winter, because it makes sure that it continues to thrive well while in its dormant state.
  7. Spritzing. If you notice that your rosemary is suffering from spider mites, then it is best to spritz it with a mixture of water and a little vinegar to kill off the pests. You will also want to spray this mixture on any other nearby plants if you see that they have spider mites as well.
  8. Make sure that your soil has plenty of oxygen in it.


There are many reasons How to Prune Rosemary and you don’t want to start pruning for the sake of doing so. The best reason to prune rosemary is to maintain a healthy plant so that you can enjoy the benefits of having it around for years to come, without all of the unwanted problems that it could cause.

How to choose a rosemary plant?

Despite of How to Prune Rosemary, When you’re looking to purchase a rosemary plant, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. The first is that you want to make sure that you purchase one of the most well-known and widely used types of rosemary, which is the wild species. If you are looking for wholesale rosemary berries, then your best bet is to buy them from a garden center or online seller who sells lots of different ones.


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